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Why I Started After5

 As a single parent, We saw a need to give other single parents, parents with a deployed spouse or simple parents who need a break, a great opportunity to receive some time out side of regular daycare hours.  We understand and know all parents must work and there are centers to handle their every day needs. We wanted to open a bussiness to offer a little something extra and something special. After5 will give parents a safe, fun, friendly enviornment to drop their child(ren) off for up to 4hrs at a time, so that they may participate in, girls night out, guy time, date night, to get in a little extra time at the gym or a shopping trip, and not have to worry about their little ones.





        Sunday ----------------------------Closed

Monday thru Thursday-------730am till 10pm

Friday--------------------------730am till 12midnight

Saturday-------------Morning by appointment

                                 5pm till     12midnight



Give us a call:


Child Safety:

After5 wants you to be completely reassured that the environment that your child or children are in is completely safe and secure. We provide this to you by having a visible facility, with well trained professional staff. There will always be at least one staff member who is CPR and first aid qualified; all staff has to have this training to remain employed by After5. No child will be checked-out unless a Photo ID is presented. All emergency data is kept on site.



In order to pick up a child from After5  you must have a valid picture ID. To keep our children safe, we will only release a child to a person listed in our registration form. We also reserve the right to refuse admittance to a child if one of the following circumstances are present:


  1. Nausea/Vomiting

  2. High Temperature

  3. Diarrhea

  4. Pink eye

  5. Undiagnosed Rash

  6. Excessive or severe cough


At any time, we reserve the right to refuse care to any child or parent for health or discinplinary reason to keep all the children safe and secure while in my care!


After5 is determined to help support self confidence. Therefore the discipline system in action includes praise, positive reinforcement and role modeling. Time-Out is used only when it is absolutely required. After5 also reserves the right to refuse any child who continuely compromises the safety of our establishment and/or other children.

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